Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier. MissionInsite provides instant access to community information for your church. You’ll get web-based access to demographic data for various geographic levels. The MI System at www.missioninsite.com has a number of resources available, including:

Dynamic Area Analysis Tools.

Preset or custom geographies create “real-time” demographic reports.

QuickInsite, FullInsite, and Executivelnsite Reports.

One mouse click will produce user-friendly reports.

  • QuickInsite Report provides just enough information for a quick glance into your area. 
  • FullInsite Report provides community demographic information integrating data, graphs, and text analysis.
  • Executivelnsite Report provides a strategic analysis of your area around 12 “insites” essential for ministry planning.

MissionInsite contains current-year updates for population, households, and families in the study area, age, income, ethnicity, phase of life (generational), and MOSAIC segmentation (lifestyle) information—many variables integrating five-year projections.


ViewPoint provides 120 current variables for religious practices, lifestyle preferences, personal preferences, life concerns and well-being, social values, and charitable contributions of the communities churches serve.

Optional Resources: Congregant Plotting.

Plot your current church members/visitors on a custom map you create.

Names and addresses of recent new movers in your ministry area.

Get current names and addresses of potential visitors to your church.

For MissionInsite access, email valerie.pratt@oregonag.org.

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